A new vision for migrants


I totally agree about the principles expressed in the program in the part named “New deal for migrants, refugees and newcomers”.
I suggest to insert (in some part of this topic in the program) a strong proposition regarding the situation of economic migrants.
People have to understand that they need to us. I propose to add a statement more or less as the following:
“Migrants are important pillars for our economy. They come not exclusively because are escaping from war or misery but also because in our countries we need workers (considering the demographic situation). Fore these reasons we have to improve strategies and concrete methods able to forecast the number of newcomers, to prepare adequate systems of acceptance (including a severe control on the working conditions), to support migrants in education and training (also in their countries), to support migrants in their daily-life (especially in the first time of their arrival). Migrants are really a resource for us!”

Mario Catani


Hi Mario
Your point is a valid argument to convince people and absolutely right from an economic point of vue. There are some obstacles like brain drain and so on. I guess your point will also be stressed when we put together arguments for our program.
Personally I would not only view migration from an economic perspective but also from a humanitarian perspective. I already proposed the following text and some parts found there way in an updated version of the program to be released soon (not by me).

We will fight to allow job-seeker Schengen visas to be granted by EU consulates all around the world, creating safe, legal, and open avenues for newcomers to pursue opportunities in Europe. Criteria for granting of visa must ascertain they are not only granted on the basis of education and the needs of the receiving countries but also on the basis of humanitarian considerations.
To support global knowledge transfer we call for an enhanced global Erasmus program, allowing people to get vocational education in Europe; and we call for a program allowing people to switch their job with somebody from abroad, thereby spending time at a foreign company.


I totally agree with Jakob and your proposals.
Mario Catani


I fully agree with Jakob’s idea of a Job seeker visa granted by EU Consulates as it means selection at source and puts an end to the humain traficers making huge sums of money as “passers” into Europe.
I think his global Easmus program is brilliant and should be introduced at the level Bac and most of all BacPro where technical training standards in france are high. We are actually seeing the opposit happening as the university inscription fees for non european students have just gone sky high.

I am, on the other hand, rather dubious about Marios statement that “migrants are really a resouce for us”. I hear this coming up often as a slogan to support immigrants and an open door policy in Europe. What about our 10% unemployed in France, and I believe it’s about the same or worse throughout Europe? Do you see the Migrants as low cost labour? Some employers do already? (Ever heard of "Mellons in France)? I think we need to tread carefully on this subject.


Dear Martin. I understand your doubts but demography is extremely clear. In the following yers we need migrants also if we will choose a decreasing strategy. I know that ethic vision is the first point of view buy we have to support our ideas also with data. I suggest to visit my facebook page in order to find documents confirming my hypotesis. It’s true that the risk is to exploit migrants but the core isn’t migration but the unequality of the system. I believe that we havd to promote a new economic system in which all people (migrants included) could find welfare and equal opportunity. I am a little bit old but I believe that the socialist ideas are good also for our moder times.


Fundamentally I agree with you, Mario, but the people centered economic system that we need is not happening, neither in Europe nor in the rest of the world. Even in Europe we are facing something close to financial fascism with out any democratic control of monetary policy. It is in this context that I see European policy towards immigrants as being one of built in exploitation where people are kept in a permanent state of precarity and have no real choice but to take black market jobs at slave labor rates. We’re even seeing organised social dumping within the Shengen area so what present hope is there for non european migrants?
Whilst I follow the demographic trends in Europe and reflect on their implications for our common future I also look at the technological trends assosciated with our over financilised capitalist system. The automisation of production processes is galloping forward at an allarming rate whilst necessarily labour intensive elements of production are being out sourced to low labour cost areas. The profits of production automatically go to the owners of the robots who contribute little to the welfare solidarity. This leads to increased conflict between those elements of the society who are competing for the same economic and social space and that is why I remain highly dubious of sloganeering over “Migrants are a resource for Europe”.
I believe thet unless we can fight successfully for the people centered economic system you mention both within Europe and with all our trading nations that we are just running into a more and more conflictual social situation.