A remark on Google exploitation technologies for registration


Dear Operators,
forgive the intense headline but I feel registering to this web site is not congruent to the values European Spring puts forth.
I don’t like to fall into some sort of ideological contest but think that some of the technologies used on this page could need a review.

The registration requires Google’s reCAPTCHA.
Since the registration form is actually not used for mailings and has to be confirmed by e-mail, reCAPTCHAs do only partially add to the purpose of preventing spam to the web site.

It is even more frustrating that European Spring puts a heavy choice on interested parties: either to use reCAPTCHA for accessing European Spring without their consent or having no access at all.
In addition, reCAPTCHA collects much more than “cookies and usage data” (whatever usage data is) as described by this site’s privacy statement: IP address, mouse movements, previously stored Google cookies up to 6 months (that makes someone identifiable to Goggle) and more technical data (that by combination make users identifiable through “fingerprinting”). So, along cookies usage data renders privacy relevant information.
The reCAPTCHA plugin itself refers to Google’s general privacy policy and terms of use without explaining explicitly which and how data is used.
Consent to these policies cannot be assumed by clicking the check box for acceptance of European Spring’s privacy policy, see here: https://termsfeed.com/blog/privacy-policy-recaptcha/ and https://www.google.com/about/company/user-consent-policy.html.

reCAPTCHA is infamous for forcing people into unpaid work if they want to use a service. People - by the absence of Google cookies - unknown to Google have to help Google Street View and AI to recognize objects such as traffic lights, shops or crossings. And Google’s reCAPTCHA decides for how long someone is “employed for free”.
If in doubt, please do a little research on reCAPTCHA and you may find stories how New York Times’ Digital Archive was digitized though the help of captchas.

I doubt that reCAPTCHAs comply to the values of European Spring, say, protecting worker rights and preventing exploitation.

Since the costs to the user exceed the legitimate interest of this web site for spam protection, I dare to recommend to take down reCAPTCHA’s for registration and use other means if necessary.

Kind regards,