After Juncker who will be the next?


Juncker is close to finish his goal. Who would you vote?


The trouble is that nobody is asking us to vote for candidates to be nominated to the European Commission. Did anyone vote for Wolfgang Schäuble or Mario Draghi, do you even know who Martin Selmayer is, because I don’t. These people are just nominated to posts at the head of the European Comission by some arcane group of technocrats respecting no democratic process whatsoever and yet they are the ones who control the financial resources and the European monetary policy. By the same process they impose the monetary policy of austerity throughout the Euro zone which is why we can vote right or left we always get the same monetary policy imposed on French national budgets (not to mention Greece, Portugal, Spain… where things look close to financial fascism).

We have lost all democratic controle of the all powerfull European Central Bank and the European Commission and that is where we need to fight to take it back into the hands of elected leaders.


Which is exactly the sort of un-democtratic tom-foolery DiEm25 and the European Spring are trying to rectify.


Quite so, Jonathan, and we need to be shouting it loud and clear as a major theme. I believe we should set up an international (european) petition to demand the direct election of the heads of the European Commission as a petition would also inform people of the situation, its dangers and current effect on national monetary policies (Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc). I dint know how to set uo such a petition in European Spring, do you?


I believe, Policy of European Spring is determined by local groups.

Each can create and Up-Vote policy, which is then voted on by the entire pan-eurpoean membership.


In fact, we may be too late for this European Election.

But I agree, focusing on democratization (and the Green New Deal) need to be the primary messages.

Feeling Direct Democracy and Financial Woes do seem to be the primary issues most Europeans have with the EU.


Dear friend, you are wrong when you say:

We never had any controll in the first instance. Unfortunately “our elected leaders” have. This means the national executive controlls the EU executive that then passes Legislation through the EP to bind the national executive and legislative. And that is the real scandal.