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Defend DiEM25 & European Spring -

Fellow colleagues and coordinators of DiEM25, friends and partners of the European Spring,

We’ve been informed by the intention of a Romanian party – „Demos”, to enter our European Spring alliance. This is made with no consultation of our local members and no regard to their opinion.

We believe this party is extremely detrimental to DiEM25 and our European Spring credibility and image to the citizens of Europe.

Yet this is not a message to share our opinions, but to present you the public informations available about this party, for any person in the public space.

„Demos” has the reputation of a party made by supporters of the Right, a spin-off from USR, a Radical Right party. It also applied to enter the Party of European Left and been rejected.

Yet the public knowledge on its leader and the way of its creation (made in December 2018), proves clearly the involvement of PSD (Social-Democratic Party), one of most corrupted parties in Romania and maybe from Europe, and known for corruption in whole Europe (like the law for the amnesty of corrupted politicians).

Who is „Demos” and its leader Claudiu Craciun?

  • Part of their members, including one from their list for the European Parliament, previously made a group called PUMN („fist”). They entered the PSR (European Left representative in Romania) and run on their list on the last European elections. After failing the elections, the group left PSR and some went in a PSD foundation (Social-Democratic Party) – the Democratic Left Foundation (FSD)

Of a particular interest is what Liviu Dragnea (PSD president and one of most corrupted politicians in Romania) said about this project:

„There is not enough to associate the left with a party (…) FSD is to be the element to generate the left movement (…) and PSD will be the partner”

Ironically, when some of the „Fist” group moved and made Demos (as founding members), they also brought as Demos chief of campaign, the communication specialist from FSD – Roxana Ivan.

  • Claudiu Craciun, the main leader and founder of Demos, been launched on the public scene, when PSD, by then in opposition, brought him to speak in the European Parliament, during the street protests of January 2012, where he was actively involved.

„Later on, he attended many talk shows held on a TV channel supporting the opposition parties (PSD), thus sparkling discussions, even among protesters, about the „politicisation” of the protest.”

The protests ended with the resignation of the Government (PDL - the opposition to PSD) and brought the PSD to power, with Victor Ponta as prime-minister. By the time Victor Ponta had resigned, the owner of the television where Claudiu Craciun been lauched, has been sentenced to jail together with ministers from Ponta Government, and Ponta himself put under criminal investigation for alleging forgery, complicity in tax evasion and money laundering.

There is also the public declaration in press of Remus Cernea, former MP and colleague with Claudiu Craciu while organising the protests of January 2012 that brought PSD to power:

„The choice for an alliance with PSD was taken six months before January 2012, at a congres at which Claudiu Craciun had participated. He has been present also to the press conference held at PSD headquarters. We worked well together.”

I repeat, all these are public informations accesible to anyone. We also provide the links to the media presenting them.

For any other questions or informations, we’ll be glad to help and assist further.

Carpe DiEM25

DSC1 Bucharest

DiEM25 Romania


The post about PSD from the FB - DiEM25 Thoughts & Discussions

I didn’t made it to our Academy in Cologne, which proved fortunate, as I had the time to discover the intricacies of our European Spring being infiltrated by laboratory parties made by corrupted politicians, while we drunk our academic champagne.

Who is this „Demos” party (nice name!) and its leader, you can follow in the link (see above the full pdf text, with links and everything). This is not an opinion – these are common knowledge from the local media, available to anyone (sources provided). This party seems to be supported by PSD (Social-Democrats Party), the most corrupted party in Romania, maybe a top one for whole Europe too.

Well, it is posible that localy we miss the bigger picture, that PSD might be a fructuous choice for DiEM25 and European Spring, that we just don’t have the vision to understand it. „Demos” members even offered us to pay for Yanis Varoufakis transport and acomodation to visit Romania, because they have resources, while we, the simple Diemers, don’t. Bad news is that since we are a small organization, our local value probably won’t buy more than an economy class ticket.

How do I know PSD so well and their practices?
First of all because I worked for them, on behalf of a political communication company and I made parts of their strategies. To understand how efficient we were, my strategy is still in use 10 years later and when PSD fell from power, my bosses went to jail, and our department was entirely closed down. All the nice practices of CambridgeA and more, we had them all. And we were just part of a network that continued to rigged elections all over the world.

Naivity is a great bless! and when you see a well-intended, correct politician full of smile, you can be sure it is either the opposite to what you imagined of him or blissfully ignorant. I can imagine Assange is definetly not smiling now… But he’s not a politician, and a good politician can smile for many things we usually don’t even imagine.

PSD never really needed foreign companies to rigg elections for them, they did it themselves. Even their prime-minister Victor Ponta said it himself in a public interview. Their corruption is legendary, I think you can hardly find anyone in Romania to contradict you on that. They are even famous in Europe for trying to give a law for amnesty for the corrupted. Isn’t it that a smart and swift way to deal with corruption?!

Yet their best quality is surviving. Like bugs, in case of a nuclear war, bugs and politicians will be the only to survive, and PSD first among them. They managed to be the best seller of the public assets to the West, since 1989 coup d’etat, till now, and this kept them in power. Last promotion on sell – the forests. Before Bolsonaro even dreamed of cutting the Amazon forests, PSD was governing the biggest deforestation in Europe, all under the eyes of the Brussels masters.

And like bugs also, they have the habit to look all the same. They move from one party to another, make new parties, fusion parties, split parties, but they remain the same. Actually all today’s parties from Romania are more or less originated from the famous first PSD. How famous they were, you can see in the clip (on youtube) when they called the miners to brutalize the opposition protesters in Bucharest, which turned into a general manhunt of students and bearded man (nobody figured yet why the bearded!).

Yet PSD is the most voted party in Romania. But I wouldn’t say the most popular. Because people are voting them from fear, not of them, but of the other parties. So much, that the best investment PSD can make for their success is exactly into the opposing parties. This reminds me of Noam Chomsky and the „Manufacturing of Consent” through simulating your own critique – empty, impotent and with the sole purpose to occupy and exclude the critique voices.

An „extreme centrist”, PSD, which calls itself a leftist, is rulling unchallenged its anxious electorate, of what many would call the left electorate. These people are rather captive to this monolith party, through what I called the „Political Stockholm Syndrome” - in which all that the captives can hope for is a condescending mercy towards them not to be deprived of too much, to the extent that this lesser abuse becomes an act of kindness.

And this anxiety builds anger, on both sides. Anger of the captive that finds no way to escape its condemnation, anger of the others who hate the destitute for ever supporting its captor. And this spiralling circle of hate is continuously nurturing PSD.
This build up of hate is happening all over Eastern Europe. Maybe to make a carpenter, a taxi driver or a teacher to dress a uniform and kill its neighbour, rape its wife, burn its house, make war, one needs an intermediary process… of bestialization. But that’s another story.

What will happen with this PSD in Romania and its clones all over Europe, seems more of a spectator role for us and our small group. For the Left forces in Europe, it seems that our differences matter more for us than the cause uniting us, which means simply that our cause doesn’t means enough for us! It might be to late for small steps, big vanities and happy smiles… and it will be too late for Assange too.

We are failling… so what difference would make another fail for us?!