Democracy or a pan-european Left Party?


I’ve only just read the program. I know I should have read and commented earlier. I don’t object to any of the things in the program. But I must admit I’m very confused. The program sounds exactly like a program of any left party. I thought DiEM was about increasing transparency and true citizen participation in Europe - not a detailed political agenda.

The way I see it, that goal is enough for DiEM: democracy & transparency. Then the citizens can decide for themselves. If we remove the corporate power and make sure the citizen’s rights are protected, the values stated in the program stand a chance. The left parties, the humanitarian and environmental networks and all kinds of progressive movements stand a chance. I thought that was the purpose of DiEM. Not a new pan-european party, but a better more democratic Europe.

I do think it’s important that DiEM is open and honest about its values. That’s differenent from writing a detailed program though. So, I’d propose rewriting the program so that it clearly states that these are the values of DiEM members, but the citizens will decide the actual policies.