"Democratizing" attracts no voter!


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Ok, ok, we get it! You have spent too long demonstrating that democracy in its current form doesn’t work, and seem to like philosophical discussion rather than practical.

I agree that we can only vote for the candidates who present themselves for election. The vast majority understand their role as supporting the current system. The minority who attack capitalism suggest idealistic alternatives which have not been proved to work, and which depend on all people in society being good!

I am keenly waiting for your proposal of the form of democracy that does work.

Btw, you say - correctly - that we must change the vocabulary. As an English-speaker (an Irish english-speaker!), I find the ‘f…’ word very, very rude. Given the high level of debate in which we are engaged, may I suggest that you don’t use it?


Hi Audrey,
thanks for showing me that some TV and movie English is not suitable for conversations!

You can download the pamphlet (some 90 pages, and you can skip the 5-6 aphorism pages) through the link provided by sumbliminal guy, or you can contact me through my email.
My english version needs update, and one of the things I wanted to change was another heavy expression I used there.

I rechecked what I wrote here, and I am more or less satisfied with the information I was able to put together.
You are obviously right about the missing part: What should we do?

That is a very dumb and simple thing, much much easier than the whole explanation, the arguments to show it is rational and logic, etc.

The recipe fits onto the space a doctor usually needs to write down medicines one should take.

All what is needed is to adjust electoral laws worldwide. All nations who label themselves as democratic HAVE to do so, because all electoral laws do not respect that requirements.

The whole thing has to do with how non voting has to be handled.
If you vote, and I don’t vote, I COUNT! My share of power is retained! It does NOT go to a party or a politician.
So, we add non votes, and we gain a very new impacting option: Put aside the system if the system doesn’t work for us!

You need the whole explanation and justification, to feel easy with the proposal, because there is massive propaganda against taking into account refusal!
Refusal is a lethal attack on the bond between elites and power!


Hi Everyone!
@Orazio_d, I think you have a point.
Non-Voters are largely ignored in every government that I know of.
So, the next step would be to think about:

There are a million reasons, why people do not vote. It could be anything. I assume that most non-voters do not vote because they simply have more important things to do or are unhappy with the proposed choice. But there are also people who just forgot the election, or do not care at all, and so on. Let us put them in two groups.
The first group would go voting if there were non-voter options and the other would not, because they have no opinion about the matter.
The second group can be ignored, because they will not vote anyway. The first group, however, is simply not represented on the ballot. Their voice is discarded. This is a good thing for everybody who wants to increase the chances of any of the already possible choices. But if the majority wants something that is not eligible, we have a very undemocratic situation.
Non-voters are not a homogenous group at all. But if they have a possibility to tell why they do not vote, it gets really interesting.
It is a good idea to ask for the reasons for not voting and to always include the main reasons as eligible options, like the ones that would get more than 5% of the non-voters.


Elections are over.

It looks like there was not a single seat for DiEM25.

I am not proud to be right. I am sad, that people love illusions, and escape from anything that challenges their beliefs.

If you do that, you have no excuse when you say, you did not know it was gasoline!



You can have the election results ES parties and movements in various countries.
Someone can provide official data, please


Si possono avere i risultati elettorali dei partiti e movimenti di ES nei vari paesi.
Qualcuno può fornire dei dati ufficiali per favore.