Future animal rights


I’m missing some statement about our target to remove animal abuse.

on the very long term i hope to see us europeans no longer abusing animals.

in the short and mid term i would like to see a statement about reducing encouragement of animal abuse in agricultural policy.

eg by promoting smaller and less cruel ways of “using” animals.


There has been an amendment to the ES program that will be discussed this Friday in Frankfurt (FFM)

Animal Welfare Standard:

“We propose a Europe-wide Animal Welfare Standard that protects animal life from the harsh abuses from industry and environmental degradation. The Standard aims to reform factory farming, in particular. We propose a ban on (i) breeding of defects, (ii) compulsory mastication, (iii) fixation of sows in the crate.

We will strengthen the regulation of animals in industry, research, and education and encourage their replacement with alternative methods like cell culture and biochips.

Transport almost always leads to immense strain on animals. That is why we are campaigning for a ban on livestock transport to third countries and within the EU. Animal transports within the EU are allowed only under appropriate conditions, which must be strictly controlled.

The AWS aims to provide a harmonized system of animal protection laws in which animals are granted the fundamental rights they deserve.”

Maybe it is what you’ve been thinking of?


Thanks @subliminal_guy
Sounds basically ok. Compared to other parts of the program very detailed, but that’s ok.
Just two remarks

  1. “fundamental rights they deserve”: Which fundamental rights? Is this used just as a commonplace?
  2. Keep in mind that we shall not call for bans but rather for fair animal treatment and we can promote alternatives. The AWS proposal seems to be in line with this point. E.g. I want to nobody to tell me not to eat a steak or wear fur, albeit I want to know that the animal lived a decent life and that I pay the price for what I do (incidental remark: no more subsidies of (industrial) meat production).


I didn’t write the proposal. It is copy&paste from the amendement paper that circulated 2 days ago.