Inconsistency in date/timestamp of posts


Can we please use the standard (English) date format as an info of every post and comment? I found annotation such as “26d” or “2w” confusing. Also, I would like to see timestamp included as well.

Thank you!


as far as I know this cannot be configured, that is the fixed functionality of this forum software Discourse.
In our german forum we do also even have the 13h or 12d, with the only difference, that by hovering with the mouse over the 13h here it is then shown in the english date/time format

and in our german forum then in the european format (in german)


I guess it is not fixed functionality because I can see inconsistency - somewhere you can see the date, and somewhere you see 12d or so.


no it cannot be configured, it is fixed, I just checked it. :wink:
for the last 24h it is “h”, for the last 30 days it is “d” and for everything older then 30 days in the current year it is “month day” (Aug 24) in the english user interface or “day. month” (24. Aug) for example in the german user interface.
And for everything older then the actual year it is “month ’ year” (May '17 for everything posted in May 2017).

But always the exact date and time is shown by hovering with the mouse over these dates.


Oh, OK then, thank you!


Hello Anka and Guido,
just noticed your posting before opening a new DATE THREAD ;:slight_smile:
@ Guido: why is that, that a date/time format can’t be confirgured? Why the programmers of the webite softwaer are not challenged to re-programm the programm?
The really best is alway date and time. Really annoying are the relativ date/time assignments, like 2h, 4d, 3w, etc.pp., or the misinterpretable Sep '18, – these all are totally unlcear. And the need to hover the mouse accross the strange time stamp in order to see the precise date it is very unpracticable.

For the international presense of this website, I think the best time format would be
here XXX = 3 character weekday abbreviation, if one wants that.

date + time full visible on each post, no need to move mouse across.

Thanks !


PS: and indeed time format best in 24h format: HH:MM
so, from 00:00 to 23:59
and no am, pm necessary…
I think the 24h time format gets more and more widely used…