Introduction of Brennabor, aka Sascha Zumbusch


Hi there,

since I’m new to European Spring, I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Sascha Zumbusch, I’m from Brandenburg an der Havel in Germany.
I’m 57 years old, work as a project and service manager in the area of IT and Telecommunications.
My username, Brennabor, is the old slavic name for my hometown Brandenburg, meaning ‘burning forest’.
Since it is pronouncable in nearly any language without problems, I decided to to name myself Brennabor.

I was member of the Newropeans movement, but got disappointed by the person centric organisation around the
founder of Newropeans, Frank Biancheri, who passed away a while ago. He was a real smart person and a true
European. But things didn’t really work without him and the local organisations where not really effective from my point of view. I deeply regretted this, since I feel as European too and my personal vision is the United States of Europe.
I know that this dream might only become reality in the far future. But I would like to help making it happen.
Especially because I see that Nationalism and national egoism is spreadimng right now, endangering the EU in whole.

I am willing to be an active part of an European movement. I what I can offer is my professional knowledge in
project management and service management. Translations english-german-english might also be a contribution I can offer. I’m a zoon politicon by heart, so I might enter the programatic discussion as well.

I cannot write down everything about me here, since it might bore people… :smirk:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, I will be glad to answer as good as I can.

Best regards to all,

Berennabor aka Sascha Zumbusch


Hey Sascha,

Just wanted to say ‘hi’ as another person ‘related’ to Franck Biancheri in the form of active membership of AEGEE / European Students’ Forum, the pan-European student organisation that he founded. I haven’t had the chance to meet and get to know Franck personally, but I have been involved in some projects in his commemoration and with his close associates. For me personally, involvement in DiEM25 and European Spring is a next natural step for me, following my active involvement in AEGEE. I also hope to be able to convince some more AEGEE members to join European Spring and get involved!

In any case, thanks for your introduction and nice meeting you!

Best, Maarten.

PS. A bit more about me. I am currently based in Brussels, working for The ECI Campaign, an organisation working for the successful reform and implementation of the European Citizens’ Initiative. This is a unique instrument of transnational citizen participation that AEGEE has also helped lobbying for in the past.


Hi Maarten,

thank you for your nice respond!
I would have liked to work in an area that supports the EU in some way, but I’ve never met the criteria unfortunately.
Instead of working for the public, I’m bored working for the industry…:wink:

So, I’m a little bit jealous about what you are doing…
But Diem25 and the european Spring might change that…

Best regards,