Introduction, Stíofán Caomhanach


Hi, in English my name is Stephen Kavanagh, on twitter @kavvy_1 and in person Steve is just fine. I am 36 years old, living in my home county of Wexford in South East Ireland and have worked in both Australia and England for periods of time. My working life began when I was 14 (part-time at first) in retail and have switched between that, hospitality, construction and transport in my time since with a few odds and ends not really beneficial here. I have dedicated myself to activism and social justice since being made a negative equity home owner in 2008 and struggle daily with the economic prison I find myself in today.

I have always found society and psychology interesting, although I never gave politics a second thought until 2008. Since embarking on this new path I have started and contributed to a range of social developments, both domestic and international, including drug policy, water provision, health provision, marriage equality, economics and many more. I joined People Before Profit (political party) for a period in 2016/17 and have worked with Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Norml Ireland, Public Banking Forum of Ireland, Right2Water and a few more over the last decade.

My main focus today is social justice, economic reform and public service provision which I believe will take a period of years to reach a truly civilised society which will consist of a blend of both Capitalism and Socialism not yet considered. I’m excited about the potential of DIEM 25 and with the groups approval would like to run in the next Irish General Election under the DIEM 25 banner.

Follow this link to my Public Campaign page on Facebook:

I hope you found this interesting and if you have any questions please feel free to ask anything in the comments below.


Dia ‘gut Stíofán, connas atá tu? Pádraig is ainm dom, I’m over here in Dunquin, just sayin’ hi.


Hello Stephen,
I agree 100% with your comment that the future of politics must be a blend of both Right and Left wings thinking. As it is at present, we are living in a zero sum game, for one side to win, the other side must lose. I see Right wing as emphasing the rights of the individual against the demands of society, whereas, the Left wing narrative asserts the rights of society against the demands of the individual. The only logical solution to the inherent conflict between the two, is to develop structures and processes that constantly balance and co-ordinate the two powers. Inevitably, if we are to achieve that on a continuing basis we must develop more sophisticated decision making techniques based upon consensus seeking. Unfortunately we live in a society where consensus-seeking is regards as being the same as majority voting but with more politeness. This is nonsense and a total misunderstanding of what consensus really implies. Tá Gaeilge agam comh maith and táimse ar scor comh maith. I have a post-graduate Diploma in Irish and Translation Studies. D’fhéadfainn aistriúchán a dhéanamh idir Béarla agus Gaeilge. Maraon leis sin, d’fheadfainn aistriúchán a dhéanamh ón Rúisis, ón Fhraincis, agus ón Ghearmainis go Béarla/Gaeilge. Finally, I live in Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow so if I can be of any help and support, just give me a shout. Beir bua agus beannacht, Tony