Member Verification Via Mobile Phone Number - Alternative?


This feedback and question/suggestion refers to the member identification via mobile phone number.
As I am translating the member area to German, I found you can verify your identity with mobile phone number (receiving an SMS for confirmation, like in DiEM25, too) or also asking partner organisations (like DiEM25), sending a copy of the identity document, or asking your DSC coordinator.

Would it be possible to give some more detailed information on this and put it as sticky into the European Spring forum, please?
Eg. whom do you need to address at DiEM25 or European Spring - which email adress a.s.o?

I am myself without mobile phone - which probably is quite rare but not impossible that other people without mobile phone do exist - and that’s why I bring up this issue.


I don’t have one either! :slight_smile:


Hi Stephen, where I live there is no connection to the net and I gave up - glad I am not the only one without! :grin:



Verification does not yet exist for European Spring. The functionality has not been coded. Once it exists, we will ask people to verify, that is why we already included some of the required texts.

We expect that most members will be verified by the organisations they are members of (if you have a membership card in Razem, Razem will tell us that you exist). For new members who are only members of European Spring and not members of any partner organisation, other methods will have to be found, such as through mobile phone, credit card, identity document or similar. The modalities have to be agreed at the Council level, because the European Spring platform will be used to elect our candidates for the European Parliament - we expect more attempts to hack this than e.g. DiEM25’s internal elections for NC or CC positions that consist of a lot of work and no salary.




Thank you for clarification, Judith!