New parties and movement in the European Spring?


Hello !

Can we summarize here which political parties/movement are members of the European Spring ?

–> Génération.s, Democrazia e autonomia, Diem25 (Demokratie in Europa and MERA25), Razem, Alternativet, LIVRE, Demokratie in Bewegung

What about Levica (Slovenia) and Demos (Romania) ?

And, can we list which political parties/movement can be interested by the European Spring ? Indeed we are quite small and present in few countries …
I think for exemple to ‘‘DEMAIN’’ a young belgian movement :
Any other suggestions ?


Demokratie in Europa is currently talking to DiB (Demokratie in Bewegung) in terms of coalition. DiB have officialy joined the ES 1,5 months ago …


Either participate in the European election campaign with electoral wings or support other parties, both can not be done.


Why is that? Maybe I misunderstood the schedule, but I thought that this is exactly what we intended and still intend to do? The European Spring as sort of a spin-off of the DiEM25 movement (combined with our respective partners) which takes over a certain “umbrella” function for national endeavours - be it a creation of an electoral wing in country A and the support of an exisiting party/list in country B.


Hi Clement_C and all, is ‘DEMAIN’ a Walloon movement? I hadn’t heard of it yet. Political parties that may be interested… I would suggest PVDA/PTB & Groen/Ecolo for Belgium?


Salut ! DEMAIN est jeune mouvement créé en 2017 par la fusion du mouvement VEGA et du mouvement de gauche.


Hi ! ‘‘DEMAIN’’ is a young movement created by the merger of VEGA and the Left Movement


I’m happy to say that the “Asoziale Netzwerk” is part of the European Spring.


In which country? I’ve never heard of them …


Well its more of a global association. Origin German. Founder is the “Känguru”, philosophically speaking mister Marc-Uwe Kling.


Ok … i’ve heard about him. But are they really part of the ES - as in: approved by the council to run for the european elections under the umbrella of the ES? I highly doubt that …


… oh I don’t know about that. I can only extend our desire for cooperation, the approval is of course up to the ES council. Its kind of complicated in an organisation without leader or deep rules :wink:

But jokes aside, its a loose political movement and the goals are aligned. It doesn’t need official recognition though. For those interested…


Does anybody know about Volt, the recently launched pan-European party? They seem to be proposing similar things like those of the European Spring. Even more, they are a pan-European party as well… Maybe a potential partner?


They were invited as observers, but aren´t interested to join us so far.
Maybe this will change after they have realiced, they wont make it alone or maybe they are just too neoliberal to join us, we will see.


Which partie seems to be to much liberal ?


I think that when parties run for the same parliament, there is definitely competition. For the pan-European superstructure, abstaining from Wahflügel would have been the better solution for the time being. Now it is as it is, maybe a common approach develops.



DiEM25 Romania is strongly opposed to Demos which they perceive as Right wing. See: https ://discuss. diem25. org/t/defend-diem25-european-spring/18140/5 (just remove the blanks to follow the link. I´m not yet allowed to post links here).


Thank you @Guenther_W, I made a topic with this issues - “Defend the ‘European Spring’”

This is not merely our opinion on ‘Demos’ party, but public knowledge about them, present in media and everywhere. We were not able to load the links to the quoted sources, but we can send the pdf text with links included anytime. This document been made. circulated and approved by the members of DSC1 Bucharest (DiEM25 Romania).