Scientific research and scientific culture in Europe


I missed a topic related with science in Europe.
Europe has a relevant history in the development of scientific thought.
This should be the basis for at least a clear mention in the program


How about an item on favorising scientific projects centered in eastern European countries? Today in many technical areas, the strategy is lead from western Europe while the actual experts are hired in countries where work costs less. A focus of the EU on e.g. Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, as country of origin for the leading organisation of a Horizon 2020 project could be a way of offsetting the gap that we observe today


I believe some programs already support some funding to those countries which still appear relatively low in the ranks, such as my country, Portugal - for example Teaming. But I agree that specific programs to help create a more balanced scientific system in EU should be implemented


Hi Luis,

I totally approve your idea to think about a vision of future scientific research in Europe.

In my opinion, there is a real problem about scientific publications.
Scientific credibility is based on paper publications. During the process of a paper review, editors require the copyright of the publication’s work. Afterward, when a researcher wants to read this work, there is a price for the access (usually 30-40$). To allow their researchers to do their job, universities pay editors for suscriptions.
If we think about it, public research institutions pay twice: first the researcher for doing work, and secondly the subscriptions to be aware of new descoveries.

Shoudn’t public research be accessible to everyone?
Going further, the gap between the society and science may be due to this barrier to free circulation of scientific work.

There may be great political work to be done in this area.


Thank you for your contribution. Yes, polítical efforts are needed to put science at the center of social, cultural, and environmental development, and not only at the base of technological and economic gain. Therefore, European Spring should include at least a clear mention regarding the role of scientific culture and inquiry in a modern democracy.