What is the future of European Spring?


What will happen to ES after the election? From the results we know only MeRA25 made it. I really hope ES won’t dissolve and everyone goes on their own way. We’ve made great effort to unite and we must continue. There are many battles ahead in the national level. National elections in Denmark, Austria, Poland, perhaps Britain and also in many regional and local elections.

The Governing Council is provisional, and will there be an election for the council in June? As explained by Yanis here at 1:08:54. The structure of ES and its statute are unclear. Much more has to be done. We have to reorganise, organise, organise and organise!


I have some thoughts regarding that.
Even if only MERA25 made it, France and Denmark had the same percentage on population. I glanced France’s low limit to enter to be 6%, rather than 3% in Greece.
Also in Germany that low limit is bellow 1% and even if we entered with 1%, the percentance on population would be lower there.

In Greece, far right was on 10%, rather than 20% in northearn countries, but on the same time Greens also did very well. The establishment went down, we didn’t get major advantage of this.

I believe we need to take our program as a proposal, to the European Parliament, tomorrow morning, and focus on advertising even more that, whatever we say, we do it, once more.

In Greece, only 40-50% of the population actually knows that we ran in the elections. I don’t know what happens in the rest of the countries.

We also tried to work a common agenda with the Greens before. We included their agenda into ours. Perhaps we could reach again to them and find some common ground for the rest of the matters too, on the basis of an existing agenda to be advertised to their people as well, and work on it to expand it even further.


There are many people and groups who don’t yet know that Diem25 exists and getting people together to push forwards the New Green Deal (even tho’ some may not agree with all it contents) is very much a must, so more advertising would be a great idea and, maybe finding a way to get onto TV (being interviewed about these new ideas), finding some like minded program makers.
All this costs money, so another good idea might be to decide on what kind of adverising, then do the cost sums, add together all our members and divide the cost between that number and come up with an amount per person that each member could pay towards?
For the likes of me, a pensioner, I cannot afford to travel, but this movement is so close to my heart and I’ve been talking about such things for most of my life and at last it is beginning to happen and I want to be a part in the manner I can, which is with small financial contributions and talking to people to pass on these ideas and maybe contributing the odd useful thought now and then.
Thank you for existing,


To the best of my impression, the travelling part is moderately covered in comparison and very well done taking into account, our numbers and funds.

Talking to persons face to face, one at a time or in small groups, was the most sufficient way to bring people to the movement. Talking to 500 facebook friends had less results, than talking to 50 individuals in a 2-month period.
The local collectives, I think are the best thing to bring people in, since people seem more accepting when they discuss their personalised fears face to face.


Do we have a mediator for this forum because I gave up on it before the elections as it was just jammed with mostly junk German posts. I have nothing aganst Germans nor their languge but their was an obvious drive to wreck communications on this site. What can be done to prevent this happening again?


Are you sure those German posts are junks? Well, there’s very little activity here so I’m not sure if there’s much moderating to do.


@martin_b This forum has moderators: https://discuss.europeanspring.net/about

Has there been any word from Diem25 et al. since the European election with regards to the European Spring?


Yes, “we’ve made great effort to unite and we must continue”!

We should realize, however, that we clearly failed in the election all over the European countries in attracting remarkable percentages of voters.

So going on with “business as usual” would’nt be the right way.

At first, there must be a broad discussion now about all the reasons which led to the big failure.

Probably some political contents and strategies will have to be modified or changed for sucessfull political activities in the future!

The European problems won’t be resolved by the various parties which are represented now in the European parliament.

So it is really urgent and worthwhile, respectively to continue with DiEM25 /European Spring!

“There are many battles ahead in the national level”, like national elections in Germany.
DiEM25 should take part in these national elections in order to fight for European solutions of global problems and for the realization of the vision of the “European Republic”!

Carpe DiEM!


How does it go - Bbbbaby you ain’t seen nothing yet. The EU elections were a good practice run, now we have to use the time to support the DSC’s and provide them with the information they need to push the DiEM message, many of the members do not feel comfortable with stopping people in the street because they are unsure of their capabilities to talk ENE or GND, especially the economics of how the different scenarios are to be funded. DSC’s need to get involved with local problems and politics. Our DiEM25 Logo must become imprinted on peoples minds which means standing in public places with banners and flags and handing out our manifesto etc. Local radio stations need to be used to promote our message where possible. Events need to be organised with our prominent members speaking. Ooops I guess im preaching to the choir
Carpe DiEM


We also need to look very carefully at th organisation and management of this forum. In the run up to the elections we were inundated with an endless stream of largely irrelevent posts in germain which were continually posted up to block the forum. This sort of trolling needs to be filtered.


People who were convinced of the goals and strategies of European Spring will not change their mind.
I never believed it would work, so … I will leave only one suggestion:
They do not need to be luminary in all topics, but bright people do rarely attract the masses!

Now, several people shared my disbelief, and they feel confirmed:
Traditional parties (sorry, but this really is a typically “traditional attempt” with different proposals!) need traditional efforts and huge quantities of money.
They work with propaganda and the usual media and channels.

Luckily there are celebrities who seem to be inclined more towards “odder” stuff …

I would like if those who do not believe this way to go on is a good idea, would consider to come together and try it another way.
I think that we are perhaps a dozen, and a brainstorming of non-believers can deliver good ideas!


Sorry, but MeRA was unable to send its candidate to the European Parliament, stopped at 2.99 and then under the barricade.

There is still a lot of confusion even within the activists of diem25 about the difference between diem25 and european spring that many believe are the same thing

There are too many symbols and acronyms.
It is impossible to be effective in communicating with all this confusion.

We need to have a serious communication strategy
we need to “prepare” the diemers themselves better on how to communicate diem25.

We need more lightness and organizational flexibility
We need more transparency
We need internal reorganization at Diem25 and also in ES

Let us look honestly at what has happened and learn from it.

GND is our strength.

We have not sent anyone to the EP but we can still fight for our proposals to be heard and maybe activated.

Yanis and the Diem25 CC and also the ES Counsil must review the situation and change step (and maybe even some members).


Orazio,if you don’t believe in European Spring why do you keep posting on our forum? Answer: BECAUSE YOU’RE A TROLL.


Hi Martin.

you made me curious: Is this a religion or a rational political community, just coming out of an attempt that did not work as expected?

The question is pretty clear: Doing the same or changing something!

So, be so kind to show me where participants are addressed to follow specific guidelines (only political activism that generates seats in parliaments is allowed!), and also tell me who I am trolling for!

If you have accusations, you explain them, don’t you think?


Now that MERA25 didn‘t get the seat in European parliament after all. Only 0,01% missing. Couldn‘t you apply for a recount of the votes with such a miniscule percentage missing? Wouldn‘t that be a good idea? Or do you think it is hopeless?
Something I do not understand is that if DiEM has so many members, I think over 1000000, why haven‘t all of them singned the petition for the Green New Deal? The last time I visited change.org only 51000 had singned and I am certain that not all of the singners are „DiEMers“. So why don‘t we support our own Petition? I know that I got at least 5 people to sign and I am not on Facebook,Twitter,etc.
My last thought on the Green New Deal and the publicity we don‘t reach: In the latest FALTER (Austrian weekly newspaper) Greta Thunberg was interviewed and said : the Green Parties also are not good… … There isn‘t one single party that is even close to what is actually needed to be done…
So either she doesn‘t know about our GND or it doesn‘t meet her standards …
I am so glad that this movement exists, and hope my thoughts are somehow usefull…
Keep fighting the good fight!


Re-counting could bring bad reputation to the movement. It was asked by the media, directly to Mr Varoufakis, if we plan to ask for re-counting. The thing with MERA25 is that we got 3% (2,99%), on the total of voters, not on the ones that knew we ran.
I had personally told at at least 100 people (in person), most of them didn’t even know that we actually did run. In my area, traditionally right and far-right, we got a 3,2%, but still half of the people didn’t know that we actually ran, even at the last day.
Now that the media showed that we lost, in a way they told everyone that we are here.
It is better practice to get to a safe distance from that 3% at national elections.

Green parties are not good at all, at least, if they are like the German one, that wants to go Green, without specifics of financing it (according to a debate with them).

I also noted that France and Denmark gave a 3,3-3,4% but their barriers were way higher (France’s was 6%). We will need to regroup, make us further known and work on our options.


I voted Green in the EU election…I was hoping to see Diem25 and vote for the new green deal, but saw no such name on the ballot paper offered us here in the UK???
How come?
I do find the Diem25 site a bit difficult to understand.
I’m not in need of a reply, this missive is just to state what was available on UK/EU ballot sheets and because I find the site difficult to manoeuvre and your missive Yannis-G, mentions the small percentage of votes won by Diem25…my whole family wanted to vote for Diem25, we were very disappointed


Did you not know about the all members vote of the UK electoral stance? It’s better to run in a GE than a EP election in the UK.

Well, you and your family aren’t in Greece right? Voting for DiEM25 in the UK and Greece is two different thing.


Dear Sue, what I meant with my Statement above, was that on change.org Yanis Varoufakis started a petition for a New Green Deal which everyone can sign. So even if you couldn‘t vote DiEM25 (I am from Austria, and DiEM25 wasn‘t running here either. I completly understand how you felt, because me and my family felt the same.) you, your family and all DiEMers should sign the petition. Maybe if we get „millions“ of signers, we can increase pressure on th EU to act. And we would have more publicity… I am still wondering why havn‘t all of our members signed the Deal? Do all of them know about it?


I have a question for all of you.
In Italy and in particular in DiEM25 Italy the rumor goes that ES has completed its journey.
Does anyone have any official news on this?
Is it possible that you are not able to get feedback from the counselor of ES or from anyone who covers any role in the coalition?
Thank you